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KSh 9,998/One Time Fee

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Deal Poa

Ksh. 9,998One-time fee

Free or .com domain & hosting for one year

Duma Website

Ksh. 32,480One-time fee

Great Plan for New Businesses, Personal Websites & Portfolios

Simba Website

Ksh. 41,528One-time fee

Combination of Great Price & Advanced Features

Tembo Website

Ksh. 82,000One-time fee

Enhanced Functionality and a Dynamic Platform

Great Price, Speedy Delivery Beautiful Web Design

hostPoa Web Design


Yes, We Do it all. We have learned a lot by observing the trends in web design in Kenya. Generally, businesses with more potential underutilize the power of the Internet either by not having a website or having one done at a high cost & substandard quality.

Professional Web Design In Kenya: We deliver great websites in the most efficient way possible & at a great cost too.

Fact: We have the best professional website design rates in Kenya: Our plans are designed to suit every business & the beauty is, you can upgrade as your business grows.


hostPoa Web Design

Duma Website

This kind of a website is an information centric website with the aim to convey specific, helpful information to your users or audience. The feature are as below – Easy navigation – Simple and professionally done website – Artistic Design and Website layout – Content is posted as it is – 5 Pages – Social media integration – Browser Consistency – Mobile responsive

Price: Ksh. 32,480/=

Simba Website

A great starting point for users who need a dynamic website but with minimum acquisition cost

The Advanced Website is ideal for new businesses or existing businesses that are open to having a presence then upgrading the website later as their online needs expand and personal websites. It allows businesses a great start to online presence while maintaining a low acquisition cost.

Price: KSh. 41,528/=

Tembo Website

Dynamic Websites can be adapted to many different functions or activities. They have increased & enhanced functionality & more features. They are ideal for medium-sized organizations as they have extensions functionality and styling

Core Solution Features

– Foundational Database Integration
– Ideal Template Selection to bring out the aesthetic appeal and the unique value proposition that the company offers to stakeholders
– Planning for excellent layout effects on the website
– Pages on the website will be created on-demand to facilitate dynamic functionality of the website, this means that the site can be changed or upgraded later to have more content added to it

Price: Ksh.82,000/=

Need a Website?

If You Are Looking for the Best Web Designers In Kenya, You have come to the right place. Get a business website starting from 32,480. We have over 11 Years Experience designing websites for businesses in Kenya. 

Content Management System

Your Website will be Easy to maintain, and you can even make changes yourself without having to consult an IT Expert.

Mobile Responsive

With Up-To-Date Design Techniques, We will ensure that your website displays effectively on mobile Devices

Blog Management

We will create a blog interface within your website that allows you to quickly and easily create news on your website.

Experienced Team of Experts

Regardless of what industry you are in, a beautifully designed website goes a long way in impressing your clients. Our Creative team of Website Developers and Graphic Designers have Years of experience in working with websites and creating memorable experiences for our clients’ website Visitors. If you’re interested in driving your online presence, the best web designers in Kenya: hostPoa will help you get there.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

You do not get a second chance at making first impressions. Having a good website places your best foot forward and introduces you to your client in a way that sets the tone for further productive engagement with them. When we add a chat feature to your website, you will have a perfect tool to build and maintain strong relationships with your customers. Create your perfect first impression by engaging us to create a website for your business today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that most new hostPoa clients ask before they sign up to get a website designed.

Can I Make Changes on the Website Myself?

Yes. We develop our websites on content management systems that allow for non-techies to make changes on their website without the need of calling us or involving an I.T. expert.

How Long Will It Take Before I Can View My Website?

This will depend on the complexity of the website design. However the following deadlines apply:

Duma Website: 5 working days
Simba Website: 10 working days
Tembo Website: 15 working days

Does the cost Include Maintenance?

No. The price only considers the web design stage. However, as we have mentioned above, our websites are build in a way that is easy to update. This means that for minor changes, you can do them yourself. However, if you would like us to make changes on your website, we would give you a quote on each change you need done as you need the changes done.

Can You help me find Images?

Yes. However, our search would be limited to the images on the Internet that have a creative commons license. We may also bill for this service if the images are hard to find or are many.

Will I get full access to my website?

Yes. You will get all account credentials and logins. The website is yours, and you will have full ownership of the website.

Do I get to approve the website before it goes live?

Yes. We will give you an opportunity to make changes on the design that has been presented. You will have different numbers of revisions depending on the package that you signed up for:

Duma Website: 3 Rounds of revisions Max
Simba Website: 5 Rounds of Revisions Max
Tembo Website: 8 Rounds of Revisions Max

Never Get Stuck. Our 24/7 Customer Service Team Is Ready to Help.

Our Exccellent Service team is ready to assist you with all of your service needs from sorting emails to More technical Challenges. Give us a call and experience the hostPoa Difference.